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National Do Nothing Day Is Here

How Did We Get A National Do Nothing Day?

National Do Nothing Day is an “un-event” proposed in 1972 by Teacher Jothy Narayanasamy and observed annually on January 16 since 1973, when it was added to Chase’s Calendar of Events.  Some say San Francisco Examiner columnist Harold Pullman Coffin started the day in 1973. Either way it is not actually a public holiday, as that requires an act of Congress. Its purpose is ‘to provide Americans with one National day when they can just sit without celebrating, observing or honoring anything.’

It is sponsored by Coffin’s National Nothing Foundation, registered in Capitola, California. The whole purpose of National Nothing Day is to do nothing, this being a tall order in the 24 hour 7 day a week culture we live in.

There are over 1,500 national days. If you miss anyone of them, don’t miss this one! What’s next, National “Stand On Your Head Day?”

“National Stand On Your Head Day”

“In a world where everything is upside down, at least one day a year the world will seem right.”

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Forget it, I’m not going to write any more, just do nothing…

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