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Great Vintage Books And How To Find Them

Rare and vintage books.

To say I love books is an understatement. And rare and vintage books are a passion of mine.

Not only do I like to read and collect books, but I like to trade them as well. An online store is a great place to do just that. With a store I have an excuse to stop at any Estate Sale, Auction or what ever to buy books to sell and trade. And I may read some of them along the way.

What Vintage Books Do You Like To Read?

Most of you have your favorite books and book genres. My personal preference for books are the ones with Words and Pictures. Seriously, I like to read, hold, own and smell (you know – that old book smell) just about any book. Most of what I read deals with History or Technology, or both. Many of the skills I posses I have acquired from books.  When it comes to people, an Autobiography is best for me. So what if a great person from the past “embellishes” their life a bit, it can read like a Great Adventure.

Great Vintage and Rare Books Sold at My VMPlus

And that is what’s so great about selling and trading books on this website, My VMPlus. Some of these I’ve read in their entirety, some just a few chapters. Many books we (my wife and I) have acquired so that we can offer them for sale for other people to enjoy. Fun. What books have come and gone on this site? Take a look at just a few and the genre they belong to. Our list of Available Vintage Books is always changing.

Vintage Cookbooks

People buy a lot of Cookbooks here, that’s why I list them first. And I really have tried some of the recipes.  If I like a recipe I’ll scan it and put it into my wife and I’s own book of recipes. Seems lots of people love Great Vintage Cookbooks.

Vintage Cookbooks.

Technical and How To Books

Some of my favorites genres of books. While I learn a lot from books I know others do as well and we have made that possible with rare and hard to find technical, engineering and DIY books and manuals.

Technical and How To Books.

Religious Books and Poetry

Many of the oldest and most rare books we trade are books about Religious Books including Bibles. And some of our Poetry titles have dated from the middle to late 19th century.

Religious Books and Poetry.

Adventure and History

Who doesn’t love a great adventure. Either fantasy or fact, it’s easy to become engrossed in these titles, many from well known famous authors. And I love to read about history, do you?

Books about Adventure and History.

Classic Children’s Books

Some classic children’s books we have offered are from years ago, some more recent. Many bring back fond memories to those who purchase classic children’s books here.

Classic Children’s Books.

Medical and Text Books

Many enrolled in university have found the Medical Books and Text Books both needed and affordable at My VMPlus.

Medical and Text Books.

Are All Vintage Books Really Vintage?

Don’t confuse our vintage books with publishers like “Vintage Books” owned by Penguin Books. We offer for purchase Real Vintage Books including first editions, books with inscriptions by the author and signed books. Never a re-print. So have a look at our current selection and buy a vintage book to enjoy today!

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