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5 Reasons To Buy Vintage Clothes

Vintage clothes are great. A lot can be said about just How Great vintage clothes can be. Do you need convincing? Well here are 5 Reasons to Buy Vintage Clothes.

Top 5 reasons to buy vintage clothes.

Reason 1. Vintage Clothes Look Good On You.

Whether you are young or old, you will look great in vintage clothes. Sure, older people look great partly because it reminds them of when they were younger and face it, the body was just in better shape (usually). And a person who Feels Great – Looks Great! And many if not most young people want to stand out, be unique and show their own unique personal style. If you are the one wearing vintage in your crowd, your unique – stand out look will be yes, Great!

Reason 2. Wearing Vintage Clothes Feels Good.

How many of us wear a new pair of jeans before they are washed at least once? Not many, I sure don’t, and yet you probably feel the more a pair of jeans are washed, the Better they Feel. Most vintage clothing you will buy will have been “pre-worn”, which also means “pre-washed”. Really, wearing vintage clothes feels good for All of the reasons in this list.

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Feeling Great !

Reason 3. Buying Vintage Clothes Can Save You Money.

You will save money when you buy and wear vintage clothes. High end brands such as Leslie Faye, Alfred Dunner, Liz Claiborne and Ralph Lauren are quite often produced outside the U.S.A. at extremely low cost. The premium you pay when buying these clothes new is very high, but you have the Brand or Designer name to wear. When you buy vintage clothes of these same Names and Brands you can still wear the name, but pay much less then new. And let’s face it, much of the vintage brands you can buy will have been worn very little. Yes you certainly WILL save money when you buy vinage clothes.

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“Who doesn’t Love to Save Money?”

Reason 4. Higher Quality is a Hallmark of Vintage Clothes.

Have you heard the phrase “Throw Away Fashion”? Much of today’s designer brand clothes bought at stores like Target, Kohl’s and J.C. Penny, can be called throw away fashion because of the clothing’s low quality. Bad seams, loose buttons, zippers that snag or separate are just of few of the issues reflecting poor workmanship. Even the clothes sold at High End stores like Bloomingdale’s, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus and Macy’s may be manufactured at mass production facilities overseas, and the quality is not always what you may expect for the price.

On the other hand, much of the vintage clothes available to buy online today are of a Higher Quality; let’s face it clothing was made to last in the past. Just look at how many great vintage clothing items you may have purchased that still look amazing today, even though they were made decades ago. There was a pride in workmanship back then that is just not there today.

Along with poor quality, did you know that some modern day clothing may be produced with harmful chemicals? Yes it’s true. So much of the clothing, especially items made in China have a high chemical content, even causing the people who work for some of these manufacturer’s to become  sick while producing the clothing. Do you really want all those chemicals on your body? I know I don’t!

See “5 Main Hazardous Chemicals in Clothing from China Named” as an example.

High Quality Vintage Clothes

Reason 5. Our Planet Loves Vintage Clothes.

Our planet is choking on garbage, and we all need to take the problem seriously. You can help reduce the amount of clothing in that garbage by buying and wearing vintage clothes. Recently I watched a program that focused on this very problem. Mounts of clothing shipped to other countries, rotting on the shores of the Oceans, and so much of it still very much wearable. It is truly sad that we throw so much away without even a thought as to where it ends up.

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In Conclusion

These are 5 great reasons to buy and wear vintage clothes. Yet there are still more reasons it’s a great thing for you to do. Many people shop for vintage jeans, tops, jackets shoes and more at local Re-sale stores, a wonderful way to support your local small business.

If you are young, let me just say vintage clothes are cool, get looks and your friends will no doubt talk about it. Make a statement in a vintage outfit. Stand out and show the real you. Help keep our planet safe to live on.

Older people can save money, maybe bring back great memories, and save our planet and make it safe for the grandkids. So keep in mind there are at least 5 Reasons to Buy Vintage Clothes, and really a whole lot more.

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