Mexican Folk Art Papel Amate Painted Bark Paper Wedding Village Life


Mexican Folk Art Papel Amate Painted Bark Paper.


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Mexican Folk Art Papel Amate Painted Bark Paper.

Scenes of village life, farming, wedding procession and more.

Very colorful Mexican Folk Art Painting.

What is Papel Amate?

Amate Papermaking
Amate although called paper is more like a nonwoven fabric. The paper is created from the bark of the wild fig tree, the nettle tree and mulberry tree, each with a different tone of color, ranging from coffee browns to silvery whites.

Men peel the bark from the trees and women make the paper. They wash the bark and
boil it in a large pot with ashes or lime (calcium hydroxide) for several hours until softened.

Next the crafters rinse the pulp and laid it on a wooden board to beat it with a stone until the fibers fuse into a paste. The paste is molded and left to dry in the sun.

The Amate paper paintings combine the paper crafting from San Pablito Pahuatlan in Puebla and the Nahuatl folk paintings from La Mezcala region on the Balsas River basin in Guerrero.

Such rich history in these paintings.

This painting is in very good condition with two small tears near the edge which would not show up when framed.

Measurements on this piece are: 23″ X 15″

NOTE: In order to save on shipping costs we can gently roll the piece to reduce size of box needed. If you would rather we ship it flat please let us know and we will calculate the price for you.


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